Knee Articular Cartilage Replacement

Knee articular cartilage allows us to walk and bear weight. When it wears out or is injured, the result can be limited range of motion, bone damage and pain. Cartilage is characterized by very low friction, high wear resistance, and poor regenerative qualities. It is responsible for much of the compressive resistance and load bearing qualities of the knee joint and, without it, walking is painful to impossible.

Knee Problems include:

  • Tendon or cartilage (meniscus) tear
  • Inflamation or loose bodies floating in the knee
  • Instability in the joint
  • Chronic Pain and disability from Arthritis or from wear and tear

Can Articular Cartilage Replacement Help My Knee?

Articular Cartilage replacement may be a viable treatment for sports injuries with badly damaged cartilage in limited areas. Cartilage replacement is not a viable treatment for arthritis at this point in time. Replacing the badly damaged or deficient cartilage with tissue from a human donor restores normal knee structure and helps protect the remaining joint surfaces.  Cartilage replacement is generally done through arthroscopic surgery using very small incisions.

Articular cartilage replacement is a very demanding procedure. Your recovery begins with an evaluation with Dr. Grondel to determine the best course of action for your knee or other joints to see if cartilage replacement is a viable way to treat your injured joint.

Your path to feeling better begins with an evaluation with Dr. Grondel.
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