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Shoulder Dislocation:

The shoulder an easy joint to dislocate. A partially dislocated shoulder means the head of the upper arm bone is partially out of the socket. A complete dislocation means it is all the way out of the socket. Both partial and complete dislocation cause pain and unsteadiness in the shoulder. The shoulder joint can dislocate forward, backward, or downward.

What Can Help A Dislocated Shoulder?

The doctor will examine the dislocated shoulder and may order an X-ray. It is important that the doctor know how the dislocation happened and whether the shoulder had ever been dislocated before.

The doctor will place the ball of the upper arm bone back into the joint socket. This process is called closed reduction. Severe pain stops almost immediately once the shoulder joint is back in place. Doctor Grondel may immobilize the shoulder in a sling or other device for several weeks following treatment.

Depending on your situation Dr Grondel might recommend anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, immobilization, physical therapy, etc.

Proper diagnosis will lead to appropriate care and treatment. A dislocation can be degenerative and require treatment to alleviate pain and restore motion

Is Surgery Required?

Surgery may be required if the joint was damaged due to the dislocated shoulder.  You should start to consider surgery when you have exhausted all other forms of treatment and your pain has started to interfere with everyday activities. In addition to helping your pain Dr Grondel will use digital imaging to determine if there is damage to your tendons and joints.

Success Story

My first encounter with Dr. R. Jeffry Grondel was after I had fallen in my home and went to the Emergency Room where they determined I had damaged my right shoulder, among other injuries, and needed to see a surgeon. Checking with friends for a recommendation I received several for Dr. Grondel.

On March 10, 2014, I had my initial appointment and brought in my X-rays from the emergency room. I was impressed with Dr. Grondel’s steps he took to completely understand the depth of my injuries, including additional X-rays, determine the procedure necessary to correct the problems and then explain them to me in a manner I could comprehend all that was involved.

Throughout the pre op visits, surgery and post op visits I found him to be professional, kind, reassuring and an amazingly understanding surgeon.  He gave me his full attention, answered every question and reasoned with me when my expectations exceeded reality and guided me to the complete reuse of my injured arm.

I have had occasion, unfortunately, to revisit Dr. Grondel for his professional services and even when he determined I did not need surgery he maintained all the qualities that impressed me when he first became my surgeon and has guided me through the procedures necessary to regain the use of my injured area.

On a rating of 1-10 with 10 being the best – I rate Dr. Grondel a 10. – Joyce K

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